We're excited to bring you our new project... SpacklerVision. It's adjective/superlative like you've never past tense verbed before (we operate on a BYOH basis - Bring Your Own Hyperbole).  SpacklerVision is a re-purposing of some older work with some added new sketches massaged in to an SCTV style framework. It's weird.  It's funny.  It could only come from the collective mind of Spackler.

SpacklerVision - It's a show about making a show that's about making a show.  Duh.


SpacklerVision - Episode 5 - SOLO

 Marshall films a PSA/Grandad finishes his story/Mark is late/Movember

Liam Carter - Grandad
Mark Matthews - Himself
Ian Macleod - Marshall/Himself/The Actor



SpacklerVision - Episode 4 - TALK SHOWS

A New Age guru connects with his younger self/Marshall can't cry on camera/The James Cagney Show


Ian Macleod - Himself/Marshall Stone/New Age Guy/Edward G. Robinson

Michael Lothian - Himself/Ronnie

Mark Matthews - James Cagney

Jack Macleod - Kid

Eric Oka - Puncher



SpacklerVision - Episode 3 - SPONSORSHIP

Spackler films a commercial/ A Celebrity Chef shares his mother's recipes/ The James Cagney Show


Ian Macleod - Himself/Chef/Marshall Stone/Edward G. Robinson

Mark Matthews - James Cagney

Liam Carter - Himself/Grandad

Michael Lothian - Himself/Ronnie

Rael Linford - Camera Guy

Erin Van Gaans - Phone Girl



SpacklerVision - Episode 2 - SEX

An educational film for the growing young man/ A director struggles to film a complicated sex scene/ A not-so-innocent kidnap victim tries to escape.

Ian Macleod - Himself/Marshall Stone/Pee-Wee/Infomercial Host

Liam Carter - Karl Steele/Willie

Michael Lothian - Himself/Ronnie

Mark Matthews - Himself/ Wood

Jen Alaggia - Disgruntled Actress

Eric Oka - Dick

Dakota Bosman-Kennedy - Johnson

Christopher Sawyer - Thug

Niko Moore - Headshot

James Huckin - P.A.

Brandon Bauer - Sound Guy




SpacklerVision - Episode 1 - THE FOURTH WALL

A montage goes off the rails/ Grandad tells the kids how things really are/ James Cagney attempts a comeback by hosting an ill-conceived talk show/ A grieving father's plan for revenge hits a snag.

Liam Carter - Grandad

Mark Matthews - Himself/James Cagney

Ian Macleod - Himself/Marshall Stone/Edward G. Robinson

Michael Lothian - Himself/Ronnie