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Pentax K50 - Why Can't My Camera Do That?


Pentax K30

Here's a promo video Ian made for Pentax Canada about their K30 dSLR.  It's supposed to be water and dust proof so we found a fun way to test it.  The K30 is a mid-range camera and retails for around $950 with a water resistant lens.




Why I Will Never Buy Another Android Device

I will admit I tasted the medicine Google fed me and decided it was tasty. Android, not only an alternative to iOS (the operating system for iPhones), but also an open platform that would allow me, the user, to do what I want with my device, as it was my device. This was a far cry from the manner of business that Apple and the late Steve Jobs (then CEO of Apple) had devised the iPhone: Non-removable battery, closed system for applications, by and large no legal way to modify the operating system. As it stood, I wanted my device to do what I wanted, I wanted my device to be mine, so I took the plunge, and bought my first Android mobile phone - The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

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iPhone Keyboard Cases

A friend of mine says she loves her iPod touch, but she will never get an iPhone because she requires a physical keyboard for texting. Well, let me be the first to tell that Android owner she can shut her mouth when she's talking to me! Because on a recent trip to eBay, I stumbled across cases for the iPhone that have built-in sliding Bluetooth keyboards. This is either a great new product that will help end the smart-phone war, or a crappy one that has been around for a while and is deservedly obscure and unpopular.

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App Store Age: Confusing Titles

I'm not that smart. I can't write or speak competently in any language other than English, and it can be easily proven I'm not so great at that, either. With that out of the way, I am now going to mock others for having different cultures than mine, and for not having anyone proof-reading their work. Here are my top five apps with confusing and quirky descriptions and titles. Enjoy!

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