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A Very Spackler Christmas

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, we realize that times are tough and you may not be able to get us all we wanted. Instead, we're writing you this letter in hopes that you could bring us our favourite Christmas movies of all time. Don’t worry, we're not relying on you having to go back over your books. They are presented here, in this never seen website, in an easy to read, and well presented list, almost though we're trying to present them as a list for the readers of this site. Almost...

Thanks Santa, Spackler.


Click here for our list.


The Spack-tacular Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Spackler helps you buy the cool gifts this year. You're welcome, internet.

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Billy + Joe - Exclusive Performance

Music To Talk About got an exclusive perfromance from the new project of Billy the Kid (Billy & the Lost Boys, Billy the Kid & the Southside Boys) and Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire).  Check out what Billy + Joe have to say about their collaboration at . 



Scrap Metal Sun

An interview with alt-folk rockers Scrap Metal Sun.  Check out Music To Talk About for more indie bands you should hear!





Lest We Forget