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The Pack A.D.

Music To Talk About chats with Maya & Becky of the seriously talented kick ass blues/rock duo The Pack A.D.  Catch them on tour in the US and Canada this fall.



Nickels - Featurette

Mark and Ian have been busy little bees lately with an upcoming film project called Nickels.  We inserted the 70's/80's comedic anti-hero into a sordid film noir plot.  Imagine replacing JJ Gittes with Irwin Fletcher, or Philip Marlowe with Axel Foley.  Here's a little more info and explanation about the project.  Stay tuned - more to come!

UPDATE: Out IndieGoGo campaign is up and running here  Please help us reach our goal by contributing however you can - even if it's just helping us spread the word!

UPDATE #2: Nickels has its own IMDB page now... a very sparse and yet to be informative one, but nonetheless it is there! Keep checking back as lots of info is forthcoming.




Sniper Elite V2

I am not a gamer. Let me re-phrase that. I am pre-disposed to being a gamer and if circumstances were different I'd play video games a whole lot more. I've refined my tastes to two basic categories: sports games and WWII games. In the past I've enjoyed the Medal of Honor series, and sometimes found the Call of Duty series enjoyable though I found CoD frustrating at times because it was a little too realistic with all its 'getting-hit-with-bullets-will-kill-you-and-make-you-start-the-level-again'-ness. In my position, when I get a blessed hour or so to play I just wanna shoot someone in the face, you know?


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The Five Steps

A tense Mamet meets Hitchcock thriller.

Starring David Jacox & Liam Carter

Directed, photographed, and edited by Ian Macleod

Written by Niko Moore.



Greg Drummond - Walking Man

Ian and Mark hold cameras, Greg sings and this is what happens (actually, it was a lot more complicated than that - 4 locations, 4 cameras and 5 mics - but it is all live)