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The Last Fall of Ashes - Official Trailer

UPDATE: The Last Fall of Ashes is now available exclusively at


A.A. Wintringham's "The Last Fall Of Ashes" is a limited run web series edited by Spackler's own Ian Macleod.  It follows a recovering addict and the collision of her past and present.  Look for it soon!


Saving Lives At Birth - MAMA Co-op

Being simple minds that tend to focus on the inane, we try to limit spouting off about causes here at Spackler. However, we are all about sharing stuff we think is cool.   Ian got to work on an amazing video about an important topic this summer, so, in the spirit of having a positive effect on the world,  please take a look at this video for the MAMA Co-op. Based in Minneapolis, but funded by multiple countries, this project seeks to build self sustaining maternal health care co-operatives in rural Uganda.




Greg Drummond - Drive


The Last Fall Of Ashes - Teaser

Ian has been busy editing a digital feature called "The Last Fall Of Ashes".  It recently won a load of awards down at LA Webfest and HollyWeb Festival.  Check out the first teaser trailer.



Silent Night

Christmas 2012 will always stick in my memory due in large part to the tragic and unnecessary events of December 14th.  My son is the same age as many of the children who were murdered.  Immediately after I heard the terrible news, I was furious.  Furious that assault weapons can be had so easily in the US. Furious that mental illness is treated as a criminal predisposition and not a serious health problem. Furious because I have the wearying sad experience to know that the tired excuses defending 'the American way' were coming.

Until they address gun control and healthcare reform in meaningful ways, I thought to myself, America has no business calling themselves the greatest country in the world. One terrible event in September 2001 led to a flurry of legislative and social change (for better or worse), and I found myself hoping that this would too, but knowing that it would not.

The following night, with all those ill-tempered thoughts still swirling in my head, I found myself working a Christmas show.  Towards the end, something happened.  Something that made me feel better.  Something that made me think that perhaps people aren't as bad as I felt they were.  Something that made me feel connected to those around me.  Something that made me feel Christmas-y in the 'peace on earth goodwill to man' way.

I was lucky enough to film this.


- Ian


Please share this video in the hope that it finds it's way to the people who need it the most.