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7 Days With... The Nokia N8

7 Days With... is a week long diary of the introduction of a Nokia. We aren’t going to talk about specs, and how it stacks against the competition, or how the resolution of the screen is. This is all about the novelty, the discovery, and the highs and the lows of getting over the loss of your last phone. Understand that we here are not reviewing, but trying to let you live vicariously through our experience. The N8 is the latest smartphone entry from Nokia to try and compete with the major competitors. Fortunes have not been kind to the once mighty Nokia over the last few years, with the rise of Apple’s almighty iPhone, and recently being usurped by the fledgling Android operating system. Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft that may or may not help with it’s rapid descent in the ranks of the mobile elite, and leaves them relying on Redmond’s vaunted and impressive operating system rather than Nokia’s own much maligned Symbian OS. This can only mean that the future is brightening for Nokia, however, how dark is their present? Read on...

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Do Oscar Ceremonies 19 Years Apart Prove The Oscars As Irrelevant? Do You Even Need Convincing? All This Plus My Oscar Picks

So, what does ‘best’ mean anyway - ‘best’ picture, ‘best’ actor? Other awards are given as ‘achievement in’ - so... that means ‘highest’ achievement in? ‘Better’ than anyone else? I get that awards are subjective, but does the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences even have criteria members can score movies on?

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