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Gamers Under The Stairs



Our friends over at The League of Man Children podcast about all things nerd.  Check out this recent episode of GUTS (Gamers Under The Stairs) that includes a chat about the upcoming and very hot Ouya console system.





Sniper Elite V2

I am not a gamer. Let me re-phrase that. I am pre-disposed to being a gamer and if circumstances were different I'd play video games a whole lot more. I've refined my tastes to two basic categories: sports games and WWII games. In the past I've enjoyed the Medal of Honor series, and sometimes found the Call of Duty series enjoyable though I found CoD frustrating at times because it was a little too realistic with all its 'getting-hit-with-bullets-will-kill-you-and-make-you-start-the-level-again'-ness. In my position, when I get a blessed hour or so to play I just wanna shoot someone in the face, you know?

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In an early case of my bad habit of overhearing cool kids talking and then wildly misinterpreting what they were talking about, at the age of eight I came under the impression that you could play several characters on-screen at once. All that schoolyard talk of “going through the warp zone and getting a "free life” or “collecting 100 coins and getting an extra guy”, and “I got past Bowsers Fortress without losing a Mario” messed with my overly literal, dorky young kid perception.

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Infamous 2 Review

This generation of consoles has led to launches of interesting properties in a world of gaming some could say is a little stagnant. Chief amongst those, is the Sony Playstation exclusive, Infamous. Sucker Punch, best known for developing the much praised, and deservedly so, Sly Cooper games, introduced to us the protagonist, Cole MacGrath, a regular guy just doing his job, until all hell breaks loose. Essentially, he becomes a conduit for electrical powers, and lucky you, get to control him. Sucker Punch's history with the Sly Cooper games is on display in the Infamous franchise, as the climbing and scaling mechanic is quite possibly one of the best in gaming to date, second only to Assassin's Creed. Infamous 2 picks up right where you left off in the original, and the developers took the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, and although they changed venues from Infamous' Empire City to New Marais (quintessentially a fictionalisation of New Orleans, complete with 2004 flood section) there is actually an improvement in the locomotion that makes Cole feel like such a bad ass.

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Panasonic Set To Launch Next Gen Gaming System

Here at Spackler, we're super excited to see technology giant Panasonic stepping into the gaming console world. I recently had an exclusive look at their top secret development project and have to say that it couldn't look any better.

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